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 Preached  04/11/21

Tamar; Canaanite Mother

This message investigates a different motive for Tamar the Canaanite woman, to trick Judah her Father in law into  implanting his seed into her. 

Could it possibly had been not for the sake of tradition. but rather to be grafted into God’s chosen people.?
The fact that the scriptures adds her name into the  lineage of Jesus Christ., surely implies that God had seen something in her that set her apart for all the other women who have gone unnamed.. 
I would suggest it was her tenacity to love the God of Israel. even when Judah was doing all he could to separate her from the love of God.

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 Preached  04/04/21

Transformational Power of the Resurrection


Resurrection in not the same as “bringing someone back to life”, Emergency Room doctors bring patients back to life all the time.  But doctors can’t resurrect anyone.

Resurrection in not the same as raising someone from the dead.

Elijah raised Widow of Zarephath’s Son from the dead. Peter raised Tabitha in her old age from the dead.  Eutychus, fell out of a 3-story window and when the people reached him outside, he was dead. Paul raised him from the dead. Jesus Raise Jairus’s daughter while the people stood outside and laugh at him, then after being four days in the grave his body surely stinking from the decay Jesus raised his best friend Lazarus from the dead.

But none of these people were resurrected.

Because every one of these people, that were brought back to life, every one of these people that were raised from the dead will taste death again.



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 Preached  03/28/21

Why Only Jesus Could have Died on the Cross

The Cross was the key element in God redemptive plan for salvation of the world. And had Jesus not died on the cross than there would have been no chance for salvation of the world. But knowing these facts let address why Jesus had to die on the cross.

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The Radical Call of Levi

giving is worship

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Older Sermon Video Series Favorites

These Sermons Videos and Events are Highlighted  for Your Interest,  and So That We Are Transparent In Our Actions.

Dealing with Doubt
One of the most confusing things in our walk with Christ is what should we do with doubt. Many people do not have their doubt addressed because they think that doubt is a lack of faith. Or proof that you don’t believe. So rather then be Dealing with Doubtlabeled as a doubting Christian, they hold their doubt to themselves and giving the devil strength and even possibly losing their salvation. the most important then we should remember is that Jesus   wants us to come to him with our doubt  and unbelief so that he alone  can help our unbelief

  Dealing with Doubt

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Taking God Seriously
So often we compare our relationship with God with our relationship with others. But 

this can lead to confusing who God is. in our actions. We stop acting like like God is our creator, our Heavenly Father, our sustainer. We forget that he hold ever breath in His  Hands. We make God common, like every d


Integrity of God's Justice

ay dishes, when He is Holy and is set apart for anything we can imagine like the dishes in the china cabinet. When we start treating God common we have to deal with the problem associated with it. 
Taking God Seriously


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